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Friday, June 25, 2010

Dv'ar Torah, Balak-

In this weeks Parasha, Bilaam gives B'nei Yisrael an amazing Bracha. He says a bracha about looking at people in a good way.
He says that we should always look at others in a good way. We could learn SO much from this.
"The cup is half full", rather than "The cup is half empty." looking at people in a good way. Ga"h` brings up a shmuz, and says that this is the fundamental to Ahavat H`inam. This is an amazing concept.
There was a story, of a man that always used to be pessimistic. His best friend that was always optimistic. The man that was optimistic, died in a shootout- he was on the police . The man was very sad. The man found a death letter, and read it out loud to himself "Dear ___, there is one thing, I want you to keep in mind, and if you want my 'blood to be avenged', you should always be optimistic, that's all I ask."
The story is teaching the importance of looking at the "half full cup". This isn't only for life, this is for people also.
If we see someone doing something, we should think automatically that they are a bad person. We should always delve deep into things also.
May Hash-m bless us, with the Bracha of "Dan Lechaf Zechut", and may we merit to see Mashiah` in our days!

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