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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Other sites (also for CONVERTS)-

It is important for converts to learn about Judaism, before they convert.

Great site, with informative information-
Amazing site, with very informative information, and everything you need-
Advanced site from Aish HaTorah-
Aish HaTorah, learning, MP3's, and more-
Amazing site from Rav Yosef Mizrahi (+ others), with videos proving Judaism through science, and disproving Xianity-
Entire Tanakh, prats from the Talmud, and more-
Jewish learning, and more-
Dapim from Gemara, and up-to-date Daf Yomi-
Over 40,000 Hebrew books for FREE-
Siddur with Nusah`im of: Sephardim, Nusah` S'fard, and Ashkenaz-
Gedolim, and their videos-
Amazing videos in English, Spanish, Hebrew-
Judaica (gifts, Torah items i.e.- Tsitsit, Teffilin, Kippah)-
Insights, and MP3's on the Sephardic Nusah`-
Legacy of the Sephardim-
Ask questions on Judaism-
Musings of an Orthodox Jew-
Info, and Q&A on Kabbalah-
Navigating the bible-
Truth about Mashah`-
What Jews believe-
Outreach for Jews-
Outreach for Jews-

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