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Friday, July 9, 2010

D'var Torah, Matot Masei-

It talks about in the Parsha, talking about the vows.
Let's talk about an important concept about being organized.
If someone sets up five minutes to learn a day.
He doesn't do less than those five minutes EVER, but if he wants he can do a little more.
Just never less than those five minutes, because if he does- than he will lose them, and never get them back.
So Hash-m isn't only talking about Nedarim, he wants us to be organized.
Because if we aren't organized, then we won't be able to live our life according to the Torah.
Every minute of our life should be accounted for. We should never waste time. The Nedarim aren't for Hash-m specifically, they are for our own good.
If we follow these Nedarim, then we will be good, and organized, and live a beautiful life of Torah.
The Hazon Ish, also talks about this a lot, and so does the Hatam Sofer.
So, if he keep the Nedarim, and have an organized life- we will be able to have a business, a set time for Torah etc...
We must always keep in mind, that if we love Torah- then we will be organized.
Organization is the key to success.
Look at all the successful Torah scholars, and business men- they are ALL organized.
Nedarim keep us organized, and that's what Hash-m wants.
Sometimes people think that the Mitsvot are for Hash-em's benefit, while that's not true it's for our own benefit.
If we keep in mind that the Mitsvot in the Torah are for our own needs, then we will be able to keep them easier.
May Mashiah` come in Z'chut of our Mitsvot!

Shabbat Shalom.

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