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Monday, July 5, 2010

How to place a Mezuah on the door post-

According to the Sephardim, the Mezuzah is straight up.
According to Ashkenazim, the Mezuzah is slightly tilted.
Put the Mezuzah on the wall, hold it up- before putting in the last hit to finish the job, and say "Baruch Ata A-donai E-lohenu Melech HaOlam Asher Kideshana BeMitsvotav VeTsivanu LiK'boah Mezuzah."
Then finish, and kiss it.
This is what the inside should look like (this is Ashkenaz, so if yours is Ari[Nusah` S'fard]- or Velish[Sephardic]).Before putting it in the case wrap it in some type of soft SEE-THROUGH paper. Make sure when wrapping it- to wrap from LEFT TO RIGHT.

This one is Sephardic.
This one is Nusah` S'fard.

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