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Friday, April 16, 2010

Drugs, Relations , and Idols-

This is talking about any type of drug ingestion, or smoking. Judaism has two sayings on this 1) VeHai BaHem, -And they should live. The only three sins that you MUST give up your life for are: Idolatry, Sexual immorality, and Killing someone. Some of the things that fall under Idolatry are: Believing in Jesus, bowing to idols, believing in any other deity,and accepting books of idol worshipers. Some things that full under adultery- Relations with an immediate family member(Brother, father, sister, mother, son, daughter), Relations with a married women, Relations with man(If one is a man), and Relations with a women(If one is a women). Some things that fall under killing- Embarrassing someone, Literally taking their life away, stripping them of all their money,taking away all their children, and taking away their wife. Those are the three BIGGEST sins in Judaism, that one should give up his life for doing. 2)VeShamartem Al Nafshotechem- You should guard your life. Marijuana, cigarettes, cocaine, cigars, ecstasy etc... would fall under the category of VeShamartem Al Nafshotechem, because you are lessening the chance of you living longer. But if one has already been addicted to one of those, before they found it was bad for you, then one should for sure try to stop, but he will not be committing a sin necessarily.

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