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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Judaism in a nutshell-

Most of the stuff here, is explained deeply on the other sections of the site. The stuff I say here is very broad, and should be further researched in the other sections on the site!!!
1)We believe in G-d, and only one G-d.
2)We don't believe in Jesus/Divine Savior.
3)We have a Completely different concept of hell than Christians, theirs isn't even close!
4)We believe in a 6 day week, and on the 7th is a rest.
5)We follow the Talmud, and Torah.
6)The accepted Halachik Sefer(Holy book) is "Shulhan Aruch".
7)Only Poskim, can make their own laws, that don't against the Torah.
8)Messianics are not Jews.
9) Halacha means- Specific law. Din means- Unspecified law.
10)Gemara is Oral law. Torah is written law.
11)We don't believe in the New Testament, because it has flaws. The Torah is flawless.
12)If non-Jews, follow the 7 son of Noah laws, they will go to Gan Eden. If Jews, follow the Torahs, and don't become Koferim(Traitors), and have good Midot they will go to Gan Eden.
13)Kabbalah is Jewish Mysticism, and should not be studied until the age of forty.
14)Tsitsit, is holy fringes, that must be placed on any 4 cornered garment.
15)A Jew is determined by the mother, or by a conversion.
16)3 main Jewish holidays=1)Sukkot- we build makeshift homes of anything, but the roof must be made out of tree, and we have 4 symbols. 2)Pesach-We eat Matzah, and no Chametz, any thing that rises. 3)Shavuot- We recieved the Torah, from Hashem.
17)Fast days, there are some fast days that start at night, such as Yom Kippur, and Tisha B'av. Most of the other ones, start early in the morning.
18)Jews don't evangelize.
19)Meat Kosher laws- Must be properly slaughtered. Split hooves, and chew its' cud. Some keep Glatt Kosher(Smooth lungs), and some keep Kosher.
20)Purim, and Hanukkah, are happy holidays, that we have fun in. Hannukah light eight candles. Purim, we dress up, and have meal.

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