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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jewish afterlife-

There have been many misconceptions to what the Jewish after life, and to why we don't try to convert people. Jews that:Have good Midot, and follow the Mitzvot should not worry about the afterlife. If a person is born atheist, Christian, or Muslim, or Buddhist as long as they are good people and/or keep the 7 Mitzvot of the sons of Noach , they will go to Gan Eden. Another misconception is that people think that Christan "hell", and heaven are the same as Jewish "Gehenom", and "Gan Eden". The Christians believe that once you go to "hell", you are there forever. The Jews that we go to Gehenom to cleanse ourselves of sins,and then go to Gen Eden forever. Once one cleansed himself in Gehenom, they automatically go to Gan Eden. Gan Eden is a, holy place where no one will be hungry for food, or drink, rather to hungry to learn Torah.

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